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Jennifer Seiler is a 5 Star, Senior Loan Officer (NMLS# 131173) with Kay Financial Corporation in West Bloomfield MI.
With 25+ years of experience in new home and refinancing mortgage loans, you are guaranteed to get the best rates available.

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Mortgage Options

With so many loan options available, which is right for me and my family? We’ll explain the many options that are available for you.

Today's Rates

Today’s mortgage rates are extremely low. If your credit rating is low, now is the time pre-qualify for your new home loan

Buying a Home

Buying a home for the first time can be a little scary. We walk you through the application process and secure the best pre-qualification rates available.

Diverse Loan Options

With so many loan options, what do I choose? We’ll explain the many options that are available and more specifically for you.

Tools & Estimators

We utilize the best tools and estimators on the market. Watch while we evaluate options such as down payment, term, effect of credit scores and type of loan. Foe example, sometimes even a slight increase in your credit score can further reduce your rates by up to 0.5%.

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Mortgages are at their lowest rates in years. If you are thinking of buying or better yet, selling your existing home and buying a new one, NOW is the time. 

Homes are selling faster now then ever before. Correctly pricing your home is something we can assist with. In addition buying your new home requires guidance to navigate this quick selling market we are in today. 

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